It’s a Family Affair



Skilled Trades

We offer on hand skilled training for those who would like to find solid employment opportunities based off of the training that you receive from It’s a Family Affair.

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As a person develops and shows commitment towards their goals, they will be connected with mentor’s and administrative assistance with the goals and ideas.

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1 step – 2 step Leadership Mentoring Program

Where a person takes 1 step, we will support their efforts by taking 2 steps with them. If your excited about where you are in your goals, and you have a solid foundation slowly growing, we look for those opportunities to help growing entrepreneurs take the next step with them that may seem outside of their reach. his subtle yet powerful work together.

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Financial Awareness, Planning and Strategies

Without the ability to maintain your income, you will fail at every step. We offer a dynamic list of training related to financial stability and financial goals. Our purpose is to serve anyone who wants to learn basic financial tips, and strategies to help manage, sustain and plan for income that will allow for opportunities and goals to be included and met.

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